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Michael Merchant

Our team is led by talent analytics and career engagement strategist, Michael Merchant. He has been responsible for launching, managing, and/or advising over two dozen talent development programs, impacting more than 24,000 professionals, worldwide, aligning C-Suite executives on talent strategies, and executing client engagements upwards of $30 MM.


During his career, Michael has worked with a wide array of the Fortune 500, including:



Our goal is to help you develop the right strategy and long lasting capabilities to keep your business agile and to meet your goals. We can help you craft the right workforce plans and employee management practices to be competitive. We will work with your C-Suite, Line of Business owners, HR business partners, and HR Operations team to develop the right approach for you. From designing programs for performance management, learning, knowledge management, talent development, retention, onboarding, and social hiring to conducting workshops for aligning business strategy with workforce strategy, we work with you to determine the right processes and initiatives for elevating your workforce and your company.



Novel software is constantly being introduced into the HR Technology landscape. Our team is well versed in the most common ERPs and the latest technology. Whether you have Successfactors, are considering Workday, have just implemented Taleo, or need to integrate Kenexa, we are happy to support you. We also partner directly with many innovative start-ups that are leading the way in how business will be done, tomorrow. From HRMS, HRIS, Sourcing platforms, Learning Management Systems, Performance Management, Employee Engagement tools, to Total Rewards, we are trusted to help you develop RFIs/RFPs, evaluate, design, implement, integrate, test, and deploy the right solution for you. We guarantee a seamless crossover to meet your business needs.


Building Taxonomies

Standard definitions for jobs, roles, and the skills that make someone successful are rare. Companies that can articulate what makes a programmer great are able to train their developing programmers to perform well.


Building your 1st taxonomy

Our team can help you get started.  Capturing what makes your best people brilliant is not simple.  We know talent and we know how to analyze those capabilities that make your best people so brilliant.


Improving Performance

Teaching the talents of your best performers to the rest of your team might seem impossible.  We'll prove to you that these skills can be shared and pervasive throughout your business.  We will help you enrich your company with what has worked best for you.

Hiring effectively

Talent acquisition is a key to being successful.  In a market with limited talent, knowing who can easily be trained and not missing out on great talent can spell the difference between high turnover and a highly effective business.  We will help you find the best people for your team.



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